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Introducing the International Press at Model United Nations, City Montessori School, Rjpm-I, with its power to build and break all perceptions, its power to kindle and communicate change.
Since it's establishment in 1948, the international press has continually performed the task of communicating the truth of matters to the people and bringing to light issues of importance while also creating awareness among the masses about the happenings of the real world using both text based and visual means.
IP monitors press freedom around the world and responds to threats and attacks on journalists and media outlets by sending protest letters to governments and inter-governmental organisations.
The duty of the delegates is to visit and take note of proceedings happening in other committees. Further, the delegates will be required to analyse notes taken and write comprehensive articles regarding the same which will later be published.
At the international press of the maiden edition of this Model United Nations scheduled on 15th to16th of July,2023,we thereby invite you to transform yourselves into critiques and put forward your interpretation of the deliberations happening in various committees, consequently pushing yourself into presenting your own analysis of the truth.
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