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Unity begins where people stand together not to quarrel but to understand each other. The beauty of the existence of diversity is in knowing that the diverse can build in unity, an entirely unique world. We, at City Montessori School, are exhilarated to host the Second Edition of our very own Model United Nations on 27th and 28th of April,2024 with the motto: Empowering Diplomacy, Transforming Global Community. Through this simulation, we hope to provide today's youth a platform to develop the skill to deliberate, take their stand and communicate their ideas as a part of the various committees including the Executive Board, the International Press and International Delegations. Let us together embark on a journey of growth and learning as the magic of a united discussion by the diverse, unfolds in all its vivid glory.

Meet Our Founder Director

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Meet Our Manager & President

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Meet Our Head of Quality Assurance

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Meet Our Principal

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