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Dear Delegates,

We are happy to announce the Second Edition of CMS RJPM-I Model United Nations, set to take place on 27th and 28th April, 2024. The conference will provide youth with the opportunity to engage in meaningful deliberations that open doors to new perspectives on global challenges.

As youth, we hold the potential to transform lives and create positive impact. The only barrier that stands between us and change is our failure to recognize this potential. This conference will serve to create a simulating environment for young people to realise their power to impact the world in their own unique manner even if it is a small ripple in the ocean of the universe.

The CMS RJPM-I MUN conference offers an exceptional diplomatic experience.It will give the delegates an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and apply it in stimulating debates and discussions. Our delegates will also create extraordinary memories that will last a lifetime. In a challenging yet supportive environment, all delegates will have a chance to learn and participate actively. 

In commemorating its Second Edition, we remain steadfast in our dedication to deliver a superlative experience for all participants. Our foremost aim is to foster intellectual growth and holistic development among individuals. We take pride in presenting our meticulously planned seven committees which also includes a special committee for beginners. 

We eagerly anticipate the success of our second Model United Nations.

We hope that the CMS RJPM-I MUN will inspire you just as it has inspired us. We are exhilarated to embark on this innovative and exceptional journey together. 


The Secretariat

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